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TGRA History
Past Bruce Eden Award Recipients

2016 Tamra Kelly Fort Worth
2015 Wanda Byrd Fort Worth
2014 Mary Honeycutt Fort Worth
2013 Charlie Colella Dallas
2012 Rodd Smunk San Antonio
2011 Cindy Cowen Fort Worth 
2010 Roger Peterson Dallas
2009 Robin Cagle Fort Worth
2008 Dwight Jones Fort Worth
2007 Gene Fraikes Dallas
2006 Mark Miller Austin
2005 Nora Young Dallas
2004 Claudia Chaffin Austin
2003 Wade Earp Dallas
2002 Candy Pratt Dallas
2001 Randy Edlin   Austin
2000 Joe Meals Fort Worth
1999 Terry Covington Dallas
1998 Ronnie Dunlap Fort Worth
1997 Marcia Johnson San Antonio
1996 Debe Powell Houston
1995 Frank Elam, Jr. Fort Worth
1994 Tony Valdez (Chili Pepper)     
1993 Frank Martinez Austin
1992 Nathan Chowning Fort Worth
1991 J.D. Norton Austin
1990 David "Vince" Vincent  

Special Information

Rodeo Tickets $10.00 each, available at the gate! You may also purchase advance Rodeo Vouchers, see any TGRA member!

Cash Back
Use Giving Assistant to save money and support T G R A Inc.

Automatically donate 3-30% from every purchase you make at stores like eBay, Macy's, and Bed Bath & Beyond to T G R A Inc..