2021 Board of Trustees

President – Tim Smith
Vice President – Felicia Gulihur
Treasurer – Tom Truitt
Secretary –  Steve Back
Trustee – Randy Edlin
Contestant Rep – Tom Sheridan
Austin State Rep – Jeanne McLeod
Dallas State Rep – Jessie Weyman
Fort Worth State Rep – Brook Ashcraft
Houston State Rep – Kim Mann

State Meetings

2021 4th Qtr. Meeting           

Committee Meetings and Board of Trustees Meeting                     
Location:   The Urban Cowboy 
2620 E Lancaster Ave               
Fort Worth,  TX       76103             
Date: Saturday, October 9, 2021

Start Time:  10:00 am  

Click here to download Committee Meeting Agenda

Click here to download the Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

Battle of the Chapters show at 6:00 pm, The Urban Cowboy