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TGRA Immediate Press Release
April 16, 2020

The TGRA State Board of Trustees has come to a difficult decision to postpone the June 26th-June 28th, 2020 Texas Tradition Rodeo in Denton, Tx until a later date to be selected in 2021upon approval of I.G.R.A.

Like many of our previous fellow associations, we had to consider the health and safety of our members, spectators, officials, volunteers, families and our loyal community as well as the financial impact that could be imposed on us as a charitable organization.

We greatly appreciate your support and understanding during this challenging and unsettling time and our sponsors for standing by us.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Texas for our rodeo in 2021

Stay Safe,

Tim Smith
TGRA State President

2020 Rodeo Officals

Rodeo Director – Marcus Hood                                                     
Assistant Rodeo Director – Mac McMillan                                  
Assistant Rodeo Director – Mary Honeycutt
Assistant Rodeo Director – Michael Butts, aka Mipsy Mikels
Assistant Rodeo Director – Steve Back                                  
Arena Director – Tim Smith                                                     
Assistant Arena Director – Christi Mikels
Assistant Arena Director – Travis James                                           
Arena Crew Coordinator – Steven Riddiough                                    
Assistant Arena Crew – TBA Cordinator                     
Chute Coordinator – Denise Reinheart-Stange                                            
Assistant Chute Coordinator – Carl Schmidt                            
Assistant Chute Coordinator – Jessie Weyman                          
Judge – Rick Jones                                                                     
Judge – Tom Sheridan                                                                    
Judge – Jody Harvey                                                                     
Judge – Randy Edlin                                                                  
Secretary – Guy “PorkChop” Puglisi                                                              
Assistant Secretary – TBA                                             
Scorekeeper – Ed LaBrash                                                          
Assistant Scorekeeper – Gary Parker                                        
Auditor –  IGRA Appointed
Treasurer – Tom Truitt                                                              
Assistant Treasurer – DeJuan Taylor                                              
Announcer – John Perez                                                            
Assistant Announcer – Doug Graff                                         
Barn Manager – Betty Pratt