All IGRA rules and regulations will apply.

A Texas Tradition Rodeo is sanctioned by the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA)
to see the 2020 IGRA Rodeo Rules.


Denton Country Fairgrounds
2217 N Carroll Blvd, Denton, TX 76201

Pre-Registration & Registration

Pre-registration TBD!

New contestants wishing to compete in any IGRA–sanctioned rodeo are encouraged to pre– register with the IGRA office a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to the first rodeo they wish to compete in. Use the link below to go to the registration page, then click the New Contestant registration box to the right of the page.

Just a reminder, the 2020 IGRA Rules state that any new or existing contestants must pre-register for the rough stock riding events!

to go to the IGRA Rodeo registration page.

CONTESTANTS : Your new rodeo registration temp password is : IGRA-xxxx ( all CAPS , plus the - mark, plus your current 4 digit contestant number)

Rodeo Registration location and times to be determined.


None at this time

Rough Stock Riding Events

2019 IGRA Rules state that any new or existing contestants must pre-register for the rough stock riding events!
TGRA will offer Ranch Saddle Bronc Riding, Steer Riding and Bull Riding at the 2020 A Texas Tradition Rodeo!


TGRA will proudly offer Rodeo Buckles for our Events and All Arounds.
The Awards Ceremony will be Sunday night after the conclusion of the rodeo. Please check back for an official time.

Veterinarian & Farrier

Veterinarian - TBD
Farrier - TBD


To be determined

Running Order of Events

Calf Roping on Foot
Steer Decorating
Mounted Break-away Roping
Team Roping
Steer Riding

Grand Entry

Ranch Saddle Bronc Riding
Chute Dogging
Pole Bending
Goat Dressing
Barrel Racing
Flag Racing
Wild Drag Race
Bull Riding

Stall and Late Fees

Late registration will be accepted with a $50.00 late fee for those contestants assigned an IGRA number more than 30 days prior to the rodeo. Late fees will not apply to pre-registered contestants adding camp events at registration. Late fees will not apply to an un-registered contestant adding camp events with a pre-registered partner(s) at registration. Please note: Rough Stock Riding Events cannot be added at registration!

Contestants using a horse in competition will be provided with one (1) stall at no charge. Additional horse stalls for competition horses will be $25.00 each. Stalls for horses not used in competition will cost $60.00 each. Stalls for horses will have priority over tack stalls. Tack stalls fees are $60.00. There will be a $50 late fee for contestants who did not reserve an adequate number of horse stalls in their pre-registration entry. Horse Stall Check-in to be determined!

Added Prize Money

To be determined